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From: unicorn
Subject: Farm Hand 4Disclaimer:: The usual. No children, animals, wetlands, or rain
forests were harmed in the writing and publication of this story. In
fact none of the above even know it exists since they can't come here,
and the effect on Global warming was so small as to be undetectable.
This may or may not be total fiction, just depends on what you want it
to be. Of course, legally, NOBODY under the age of 18 can have anything
to do with sex including being able to read this story so if anybody
under that age could come here they wouldn't be able to seen anything,
would they? If anybody OVER that age should read this and wish to
comment on it I'll look forward to anything but SPAM. "Boeuf
Wellington" is more my style. And of lolita bbs kds galleries course I'll respond to any e- mail
to:unicornfgi.net(The reader might like to refer to "Farm Hand 3" as it's been quite a
while since that story was posted)
* * * * * * lol bbs ls magazine * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * We were standin' in the water just less than waist deep. Sam was
washin' my back and kinda kneadin' my muscles. Mmmm....did that feel
great! japanese image bbs loli Then he wrapped his arm around my chest and pulled me back
against him and his now hard cock, pointin' straight up hit me in the
back just above my buttocks. I gave a gasp and Sam said,"What's the
matter? Swallow a bug?" I said, "Nope! I think sumthin' hard just hit
me in the back" and I reached around and took it in my hand. I had waited for SO long! At last I had that piece of magic meat in
my hand. I gave it a gentle squeeze and Sam kinda gave a sudden intake of
breath. He gave me a gentle push away, then grabbed me again and took
us both under water back toward the deep end of the pool where we had a
chase and duck game and some grab cock as well as grabass. We finally came up for some air and Sam said, "Whadda ya say we get
dried off, go into town for a pizza an rent a coupla vids?" Man, I was
ALL for that! We dried off, wrapped our towels around our waists, got
in the old truck and went back to the house. We put on our "t's" and shorts and shoes, got the money off the top
of the fridge the folks had left for us and drove the old truck to
town. That 'old' truck was in fine shape, actually. It was always
called the 'old' truck since WAS the oldest vehicle on the place. It
was about 10 years old with that great 350 engine in it. We had only
used it for trips to town and to haul stuff around the farm. We went to the video store first so our pizza would still be hot
when we got home. We had talked about what rusian lolitas baja ereccion kind of vid we'd rent, on
the way into town. I said *I* wanted rusian lolitas baja ereccion
to see some porn and Sam said,
"What kinda porn?" and I said I didn't care, I just wanted to see 'them'
doin'....it! He thought that was real funny. Well, one of his 'legal'
(aged) buddies was workin' at the vid store so Sam took him aside while
I pretended to be lookin' at the Action/Adventure stuff and told him
what we wanted. I heard a bunch of dirty soundin' laughter and Sam's
bud went into the Adult Section and pretty soon came out with a couple
of tapes. I had picked out a historical adventure one so we took all
three and went to get out pizza. I asked what vids did we get. Sam
gave me a playful smack and said, "Just wait! JUST WAIT! You're gonna
luv 'em!." We stopped at our fave pizza place and got a large 'garbage' pizza.
It was ready in about 20 minutes or so and while it was bakin' I saw Sam
talkin' to another of his buddies who worked there. After a while the
guy took a brown paper bag of sumthin' out to our truck. I started to
ask, "What's.......?" and Sam put his finger up to his lips and gave a
big pree teen lolita girls
wicked grin so for once, I japanese image bbs loli just shut my mouth and didn't pursue it.
I wondered what in the hell THAT might be? We got our pizza and went out to the truck and Sam said, "...uh,
think we oughta have sumthin' to wash this pizza down with?" "Sure, we've got pop at home." "Whadda ya think about a, uh, little beer?" "Beer! Beer? Where 'r we gonna get any beer?" "Whadda ya think Kenny brought out to the truck?" There was that brown paper bag kinda under Sam's feet and he scooted
it over to me. By then we were well out of town, that town ain't very
big, ya know and it don't take long to get out of it. I opened the bag
and there was a 12-pack of Miller Genuine Draft. I nearly shit! Man,
this was gonna be SOME party! Now maybe Sam had drunk a little beer
with his buddies but he never ever drank anything at our house except
sometimes we'd be allowed a small glass of wine at a special family
dinner like Christmas or Thanksgiving. That's all I had ever had. The
thought of beer with our pizza and those hot vids in another bag was
about to give me mental overload. We arrived back at the tenns lolita 13yo gallery house, parked the truck and took our stuff
inside. We weren't in any really big hurry so we put several bottles of
the beer in a cooler with ice and took the cooler and out pizza out to a
table on the patio outside the back of the house. Man, this was really
turnin' into a party. Sam lit some of those Hawaiian kinda torches that
not only look cool but keep the bugs away. We turned on some soft rock,
we even got some glasses to drink the beer out of, opened our pizza and
dug in. Sam said, "Now we gotta be practical with our fun. Nobody, but
NOBODY is gonna drink too much, 'K?" "Well, sure. I ain't had any experience with beer at all but it
sure tastes good with this pizza. Whadda ya think dad would say?" "Well, I'll tell ya. I asked him before they left and he said he
trusted us to do the right thing so that's what we're gonna do. We
ain't gonna get drunk and do sumthin' stupid. We're just gonna gave a
brew or two with our pizza. That sound OK?" "Man, that is FANTASTIC!" We ate our pizza and had our brews, actually one for me, and I had
just a slight feeling of euphoria. We cleaned up our mess, put the empty bottles in a bag to dispose of
later in order not to embarrass anyone, put out the torches and went in
the house to the family room where the biggest TV was. The sofa there
is a hide-a-bed kinda thing so we decided to unfold it which we did, and
threw a bunch of pillows on it. We decided to get comfortable so we
undressed down to our boxer briefs, left on a little lamp on a desk and
decided which vid tape to start with. I wanted to see some porn and
man, was I ready! Sam said, "You seemed so hot for a fuck movie we've
got just what you want right here. It's called "Mating Habits of
BIGhorn Sheep!" "Get offa my ass! I ain't watchin' no nature films." "Oh, you're gonna really like THIS! Just wait'll you see the size
of these horns!" I was grumblin' and wonderin' just what he'd got. He turned on the
TV and shoved the cassette in the VCR. Well, let me tell YOU, there
def was NOT any sheep in THAT film! It started out with a guy drivin'
along the California coast in his convertible and the ended up at a
beautiful house overlooking the ocean. He found the key under a flower
pot and went inside. It was his uncle's house and he had left a note
telling him to make himself at home, enjoy the weekend and he'd see him
later. This guy called a couple of his college buddies who arrived
pretty soon. They opened some brews and started lookin' through
'uncle's' video collection. Much to their surprise it was a great
collection of porn. They stuck a vid in the VCR and IT WAS ALL GUYS! I
nearly shit! I was lyin' there on the sofabed, my eyes bugged out and my jaw
dropped and Sam said, "Well, whadda ya think? Pretty big horns on them
sheep, ain't they?" and he laughed so hard he nearly fell off the bed.
The guys in the film were gorgeous. They looked like a bunch of guys
you could probably see in the showers at high school or college if you
were lucky. They weren't a bunch of slick shaved over muscled gymrats.
I was absolutely entranced. I was also getting a very big hardon. Sam
noticed that and said, "Looks like nn model teenie lolli
'somebody' else is enjoyin' the
film," an he reached over and hugged me to him and gave me a Dutch rub
on the head. I looked at his crotch and IT seemed to be enjoyin' the vid also. I
said, "Yeah and 'somebody' seems to have company." I looked back at the
vid where the guys had decided to take a swim. A no suit swim. Fine
with me. "Sam? Do, uh, ya think I might have a, uh, 'nother brew?"___________________________________________________________________________unicornfgi.net
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